inflatable_dollwhat is “damn he tore my shit up” mean to people?
ever so often,
we meet a wolf who is cocky in the bed.
we beggin for mercy and can’t stop moaning.
the neighbors know his first,
and parent’s name.
what would you think of a wolf if had someone hollering like this…
and a link that isn’t for straight eyes)…
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tumblr_lg46xaheN51qzjqrio1_500you know what i realized today?
i get my energy off people who have made it.
now not these social media attentionistos,
but people i meet who are content in their lives.
they know their financial limits,
but they are able to afford nice things and go interesting places.
those kind of people inspire me.
they make me aspire for greater.
tonight was pretty interesting in realizing that…
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Hi Jamari!

I am a straight black female reader of yours for many years and love your blog. I check it every day. I’m sending this email for advice in relation to a situation I’m in with a young man at my university. About a year ago, after being dumped by my ex, I started talk to the guy on Facebook. He’s actually a player on our football team and it’s one of the many things we bonded over. Within a matter of weeks, we fell for each other and began hooking up, with me always spending the night. He is a special kind of guy, loyal, caring, well-spoken. Between looks and personality, he’s my prince charming. I then, due to daddy issues and my recent breakup, became too clingy and needy and we eventually stopped speaking for a month. We then reconnected and I later found out he had started talking to another girl in the time we lost contact, and then stopped when we reestablished contact. We had a falling out a month later, which I admit was my fault, and lost contact again. About a month later we started talking again and both still had feelings for each other. As the months went on we went back and forth between speaking and not speaking. During the last time we didn’t speak during summer break, he started talking to another girl, which he told me about and made me aware that he would be talking to us both at the same time.  I understood and agreed to be just friends. When we got back to school, we had limited contact. He would speak when we saw each other on campus and respond to my good luck/good game texts. Then in September it all stopped. I didn’t hear from him or see him anymore and am sure I was blocked on his iPhone, until last night. We both attended a party on campus. When I said hi, he gave me a hug and asked how I was doing. Later on we danced, very intimately, together for a long period of time. He then invited me over his place before he left, I said yes and that I would let him know when I got home since my dorm is next door to his apartment complex. After he left, he texted me and asked again if I was coming over, and again I said yes.  When I got back to my room, I texted him and he never responded. He has not read my texts since and I believe I am once again blocked. My question is what do you thinks going on, why he keeps getting close and then pushing me away? Could it be because of the other girl and I’m too much of a temptation? He is very interested in her and has been chasing her since the summer, but the feelings don’t seem to be mutual on her end. I really need your help and advice on this situation. My feelings are so deep, I haven’t been able to move on with anyone else.

Thank you for all you do,


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born in kenya.
yale school of drama graduate.
i love everything about this woman.
she played her character,
so well in her first role,
“12 years a slave”.
i thought about her character days after i watched the movie.
last night she won the sag award for “best supporting actress” over julia roberts,
jennifer lawerence,
and lady oprah!
check her acceptance speech…
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