Caught Up In “Fences”

if you aren’t careful,
you will repeat the cycle.
some of us are repeating a cycle.
we are hurting others because we are hurt.
been hurt.
we expect everyone to do what we would do.
i can admit that i’ve have done it with my friends at one point.
that is not how life works.
we are all free to make mistakes and grow.
what may work for you may not work for them.
i learned that tonight watching “fences”

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It’s Sexy To Be A Hole Banging, Emotionally Pit less, Money Loving Volcano


i have always been an open book when it came to my emotions.
i know it’s not the “manly” thing to do,
but i’d rather others know what’s bothering me than bottling it up.
with that being said,
i often asked myself:

Are males supposed to be emotional?

it’s like we’re supposed to lie in order to be considered a “man”.
the almighty male!
the one who bangs a lot of holes and wears designer clothes!
hear us roar!
well that won’t be me.
judging from how the foxhole has been my “emotional journey” since ’09,
i guess many relate in some way or another.
thank you to those who continue not to judge me since then.
i saw a quote from viola davis the other day that represents me.
as you know,
viola is one of my favorite actresses.
this is a quick quote on what she told essence via the root
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Everyone Needs A Taraji P. Henson In Their Lives

emoji_heart_0i like to think support the people in my life.
i’m not one of these who is jealous or envious of my other’s blessings.
well i won’t lie to you.
before i use to be.
mostly when it came to dating wolves.

i’m also not one to throw someone under the bus for climbing their mountains.
hell i think i put most people above myself.
i just like to see other’s shine.
it honestly makes me feel good.
in such a selfish world we live in,
its hard to find selfless people who will be your biggest cheerleaders.
well i saw one last night on the emmys.
her name is taraji p. henson
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He Did This Thing To My Ass That Made My Eyes Water

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.46.33 PMinteresting question.
i had to ask myself the same.
now i wasn’t going to post until tomorrow,
  but tonight’s “how to get away with murder” had me feeling a little…
(this entry is NSFW,

and “not for straight eyes”)…
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