Tyler Perry Says You All Have A Case of “Reverse Racism”

tyler perry is an equal opportunity director.
he is.
he has done:

black church plays
black movies
black shows
mixed variety shows
all white shows

if you want to be in a tyler perry production then give him a call!
it don’t matter if you never acted a day in your lives!
if you look like ig attentionisto,
^brock o’hurn,
then you’ll get the job.
as well as other actresses and church play stand ins.
well tyler is facing  a dragging about one of his shows because it’s a white out.
it’s called “too close to home” in which brock stars in.
tyler calls it “reversed racism”.
this is what he say to the washington times
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There Was An Accident on #HAHN

promo-own-hhn-cast-1-949x534…and it is with tyler perry.
so one of my home vixens called me today:

“tyler perry ain’t writing good”

now i didn’t get to watch “haves and have nots” last night,
since i usually save that for my binging,
but i was almost scared to ask that happened.

and below contains potential spoilers

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So I Started Watching #HAHN Season 4 and Well…

cjVab8sif a vix-bi didn’t alert me “hahn” started,
i definitely wouldn’t have known.
a side of me stopped caring about that show.
6 seasons that feels like they have spanned 1 week of blah.
the season finales usually pop off.
so here are my thoughts of what i watched…
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Well Tyler Perry Told Ya’ll…

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 7.54.53 PM

tyler posted ^this a couple hours ago on twitter.
i guess it was about all the rumor about ( x oprah and him ).
he still needs to hire some writers,
stop writing hahn like everything happened in two days,
keep hiring light skinned-ed wolves with the “musc-kles”,
and end that one show about those randoms in a diner.
much appreciated.

tweet shot taken: twitter