Soulja Boy and Chris Brown Use To Fuck Together

well kinda…
so soulja boy is dropping a lot of dirt since this beef with chris brown.
he exposed chris brown for allegedly being a coke head,
but now he dropped this during a vent tweet session
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Travis Tritt Learned The Hive Does Beyonce’s PR

tumblr_og2dewfamr1sveb0mo1_1280b looks like a pure snow bunny in that pic.
well beyonce came,
and she got the hyenas mighty upset.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but she performed at the country music awards last week.
well she had all the rednecks upset.
you probably can assume why.
one redneck and country music vet,
travis tritt,
allegedly had this to say on twitter…
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Lupe Fiasco Also Sends Positive Vibes To Kid Cudi

l3inmqj^that was kid cudi’s clapback to drake.
( x drake said this here )
he tweeted and deleted it from rehab.
i guess they were teaching him to:


well everyone was all up in arms over what drake said.
lupe fiasco spilled the beans on his run in with kid cudi.
this is what he had to tweet without a delete
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