Atlanta: The Land of The Single and Smashed Out?

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i always wondered if atlanta is this “black gay mecca”,
why is there more “fucking” than “dating”?
either way,
i detected no lies with that statement.

…did you?

lowkey: sooooooooo…
relocating and setting up a foxhole there ain’t the move?


Well Tyler Perry Told Ya’ll…

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tyler posted ^this a couple hours ago on twitter.
i guess it was about all the rumor about ( x oprah and him ).
he still needs to hire some writers,
stop writing hahn like everything happened in two days,
keep hiring light skinned-ed wolves with the “musc-kles”,
and end that one show about those randoms in a diner.
much appreciated.

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Kanye West Needs A GoFundMe Account

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kanye west…!!!!
53 mill??????
how sway?????????
kim is probably regretting her mama’s decisions these days…
or not.
cruella de jenner 
probably has that:

“divorce/poor kim/single mother/thot back on the block”

…story line in the works.

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