So Kenya Moore Had Said…

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 10.40.39 PMthis is why i like kenya moore.
i guess i’m the only one,
but it’s whatever.
she’s entertaining.
i completely agree with her tho.
personally i’m not into fist fighting in the street like a commoner.
i’ll leave that for the ratchets.
now if you charge at me like a wild silverback gorilla,
i’m not above:

tumblr_moc53qXk6r1spfd6uo1_500…and then tell the police i was in fear for my life.

lowkey: i was wondering about this fight today at work.
it seems very unlike the real housewives franchise.
why do i feel like moose leakes sent this story to the tabloid to start shit?

Baller Wolf, Davone Bess, Is Having An “Off Day” With His “Ass Out”

davone-bess-football-headshot-photoballer wolf from the cleveland browns,
davone bess,
is having an off day.
i mean like,
seriously fuckin off.
bizarre even.
well and f-bi sent me the story and well…
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What Does Draya Know About Jack’d?

drayajackdwell draya…

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Idris Elba Lets Us Know His Dick Is Hard In The Backseat

BdLZk3tIcAAwNMZ Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 1.49.06 PMidris elba was feeling a little frisky last night,
i take it?
well go on with your bad good lookin’ self,
daddy elba.

he also had this to say…
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Is This Tweet From Paris Hilton about Nelson Mandela Real?

BawY0krCQAA0r2ntell me this is a photo shop of this deleted tweet?
  paris hilton isn’t that dumb, is she?
then again…
tumblr_inline_mx8xoqGWOt1rya7fqthis isn’t the way to get back into the spotlight p!
i’m just saying.
you already got caught up being a racist ( @2:40):

lets not add dumb ass to your dossier.

lowkey: i know she had a lot to say about her ex friend loving that “nigger” dick.

Yeezus Gets A Chubby Over His “Perfect B*tch” Kim K Picture

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 10.27.56 AMjust a hunch tho…
that was yeezus response soon after.
was there a lot of this last night?:

fuckstay tuned for more exciting tweets as the @attentionwhores mate!

lowkey: the thought of yeezus and sleezus together just…

Tami Roman Needs To Leave The Mean Girl Table

whoaaaaatobviously tami roman didn’t see this in editing.
so this flashed across my timeline.
i’m listening to yeezus and not watching bb wives.
i may have to tune in.
even though tami can be a bully of epic proportions,
she should realize:

lowkey: oh she just put this:

tamitweetwell duh tami.
they are adult mean girls.
wasn’t she one too?
  tami wasn’t feeling this way when she was in the circle.
talkin’ shit about all the other chicks of basketball girlfriend’s past.

finally realizing you’re just a square t?

x go check up on tami twitter

Dawn Robinson Didn’t Like My Entry Too Much!

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 7.31.36 PMwell dawn robinson is not a happy camper is she?
she quickly erased that tweet too.

sheesh dawn!

cranky much?

*goes to listen to lucy pearl*

The Purple One Now Has Twitter!

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 9.11.28 AMthe purple one has come to fuck shit up.
i followed him as soon as i got ( x confirm ) it was really him.
i wasn’t about to follow some rabid stan who was gonna get sued.
you know prince doesn’t play that shit.
why “doe” did people tweet him they would die if he tweeted them
and he tweeted them back, “there. rip.”?
i love him.

x follow prince here

lowkey: i wonder what made him join?
i know he was anti internet for the longest.
he won’t even let ( x his videos ) be played on youtube.
i also wonder if he gonna go dm to dm since he’s a jehovah’s witness?

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