TLC Ain’t Giving No Refunds (Sorry)

tlc 729-620x349i remember when i wrote this ( x entry ) about tlc.
it caused quite the commotion.
well i may have been right.
not saying i am.
just “may”.

it was brought to my attention that tlc hasn’t released any new material.
they raised damn near half a mill and no album to show for it.
when a fan asked where is this new music,
this is what t-boz allegedly replied via f-bi
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Michael Sam Busted and He Can’t Get Up

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.48.34 AMspeaking of busts…
michael sam is all out of bust.
i can hear the moaning and groaning,
but lets be real.
anyway so michael hasn’t been having a good season up in canada.
last time he just up and left the team with no explanation.
this time he has a reason why he is quitting the team.
this is what he put on twitter
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Lil Fizz Will Eat The Whole Ass

tumblr_nj09g8Xx5L1tddm3vo1_540well he certainly has the mouth for it.
well it seems lil fizz,
of b2k and “love and hiphop: hollywood” fame,
is another wolf who wants amber rose.
i guess her thirst trap pictures are working?
well this is what he allegedly said on instagram about her…
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Don’t Ask Chris Brown About Nothing

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.28.30 PM….um.
doesn’t chris mention them tho?
i’m just asking.
yeah he needs a publicist high key.
he buys all these cars and payin’ kae bills…
but no representation.
i’m confused.
someone call usher mama services” for this wolf PLEASE!

credited: twitter