Michael Sam Busted and He Can’t Get Up

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.48.34 AMspeaking of busts…
michael sam is all out of bust.
i can hear the moaning and groaning,
but lets be real.
anyway so michael hasn’t been having a good season up in canada.
last time he just up and left the team with no explanation.
this time he has a reason why he is quitting the team.
this is what he put on twitter
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Lil Fizz Will Eat The Whole Ass

tumblr_nj09g8Xx5L1tddm3vo1_540well he certainly has the mouth for it.
well it seems lil fizz,
of b2k and “love and hiphop: hollywood” fame,
is another wolf who wants amber rose.
i guess her thirst trap pictures are working?
well this is what he allegedly said on instagram about her…
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Don’t Ask Chris Brown About Nothing

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.28.30 PM….um.
doesn’t chris mention them tho?
i’m just asking.
yeah he needs a publicist high key.
he buys all these cars and payin’ kae bills…
but no representation.
i’m confused.
someone call usher mama services” for this wolf PLEASE!

credited: twitter

MCM (Let Me Watch U)

tumblr_static_wolflush11“i wait for you to come online.
to tweet.
post a picture.
to say something.
i watch from afar,
but i feel like i know you.
i think about you all the time.
you actually make me so hot.
you know how many times i imagined you eatin’ me?
fuckin’ me?
more times that i can count.
i don’t even know you,
but i like you.
i just know your name.
nothing else…”

being online has given us the opportunity to crush a lot harder.
i know it has for me.
instead of seeing this wolf on the street,
and holding onto the mental snap shot,
i can now head to his instagram and screen shot his image.
he doesn’t even have to fuck my brains out.
i can look at his shirtless pictures and use my imagination.
the thing is that these images of the wolves i want,
we want,
are allowing us to live vicariously through a fantasy.
this new age of being legal stalkers is easier than having the person 4real.
ya know…
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Kenya Moore and The Exit We Still Talmbout

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 7.50.07 PMi think kenya moore is “tv gold”.
many don’t,
but she brings a certain “something” to reality tv.
well as you know,
or don’t,
she was fired from “the celebrity apprentice” last night.
before she left,
her and auntie viv went at it.
well kenya appeared on wendy williams today to talk about it and…
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He Is The Greatest (The Greatest That is Chris Brown?)

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 6.14.47 PMwhen you are growing up,
your parents taught you to be good at what you do.
with enough training and sacrifice,
you should end up being the greatest.
well they obvious taught chris brown because he tweeted at 3 in the morning…
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So Lupita Nyong’o Had No Love For Kenya Moore?

kenya-moore-writes-detroit-public-schools-checkso kenya moore attended the golden globes sunday night.
might i add,
she looked ( x stunning ).
i’m sure she was able to mingle and network with a ton of a list celebs.
well one celebrity,
and one of my favs,
lupita nyong’o wasn’t as welcoming to miss moore.
this is what kenya recalled when asked about her night on twitter…
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Antoine Dodson Updates The Foxhole (and The World)

antoine-dodsonyou know the foxhole is getting deeper when people are addressing my posts.
so while i was at the dermatologist today,
my phone alerted me i had a message on twitter.
when i looked,
it was antoine dodson.
he hit me up about what i posted the other day.
you know ( x this one ).
well this is what he said to me…
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Sam Smith’s Dating Stock Just Went Up

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 9.13.11 PMi am holding out hope that once i make it,
i can date all the sexy (baller) wolves that i fantasized about.
i mean whats the point of reaching success if you won’t?
at least get some pipe as you’re hot.
well after being nominated for 6 grammys this year,
 sam smith is fresh on his way to “made it” level.
the pipe is now starting to come in abundance.
yes jesus!
well according to the fox wire,
he met someone on the set of his “like i can” video.
everyone meet the alleged snow wolf…
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Azealia Banks Puts Her Tweet In Her Mouth

tumblr_mkz4htolqF1qhfp8lo1_500so we all know azealia banks can go from 0 to 100 when she is turnt.
well you know from this ( x entry ),
she was all the way plugged in going after that fraudulent white rapstress.
do i need to mention her name?
okay fine.
iguazu abooboo.
so perez hilton pressed his cape and decided to come to her rescue.
he said alla this on twitter:

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