Is Team Breezy Starting To Look For An Exit?

it’s bad when your own fans start to banish you.
team breezy is starting to wake up.
^so that was from a fan tumblr site of chris brown called “dickstopher”.
they updated daily with all chris brown everything.
after these recent allegations,
they are shutting it down…
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It’s Safe To Say That Frank Ocean Won’t Be At The Grammys Tonight?

with the way he is carrying on…
so frank ocean is mad.
 ken ehrlich,
who is the grammys producer and the show writer,
david wild.
well ken,
don’t know how david got involved,
criticized his performance in 2013 with a quote in rolling stone.
this is what ken said:

“We executed his vision knowing that it was faulty,” Ehrlich said of Ocean’s 2013 showing. “And we tried to tell him that, we tried to tell his management that, we tried to tell the record label that. So, his feelings about the Grammys right now, I would imagine, probably go back to that in one way. But honestly, it wasn’t us.”

classy response?
well frank took to his tumblr in a “kanye west” type rant.
this is what he fonted
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“Dear John” Gaines A Full Alleged Pipe Leakage?

/the following is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

…and i’m up.
i told ya’ll it wouldn’t take long.
i just needed to get back into the swing of things.
well i should thank a foxholer and john gaines jr.
i fell off my “island” when i was alerted that john’s pipe was allegedly leakage.
and there was also a video!
“christmas at the end of january” thanks to slapmyfatty.
this is all the alleged pipe leakage for foxhole review
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WOLF MEAT: (435)

tumblr_mezcexsfg91rv7gd7o1_1280i don’t see bunz cleavage as much anymore.
for the slow ones.
everyone has upgraded to tight fitting sweat/track pants.
well there is a new ispy-er on the scene.
the name is “slutty creep” on tumblr
(i know)…
and they got some wolf meat cleavage for review
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