“Burning Sands” Got Me Scared To Be Spanked (My Tail Sensitive)

have you watched the horror movie that is “burning sands” on netflix yet?
it wasn’t a horror,
but it felt like one!
it starred:

trevor jackon
trevante rhodes
other complications of fine black wolves
that pretty singing vixen from “empire”

well if you haven’t,
you need to do it today.
so “burning sands”,
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We Will Be Seeing More of Trevante Rhodes In His CK Undies Soon

so fun fact.
4 actors who were in moonlight donned calvin klein last night at the oscars.

trevante rhodes
naomie harris
alex hibbert
aston sanders

another fun fact.
take out naomie and add:

mahershala ali

…as the 4 actor wolves who got signed to be ’17 calvin klein models.
a vix-bi directed me to all the shots from the upcoming ads via facebook
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Trevante Rhodes Chest Hairs Come “Out”

this should make up for the last entry.
ever since i saw “moonlight”,
i’ve been wanting a wolf like “black”.
i was dumb attracted to his character.
i like the wolves that are battling something for some reason.
his issues and bawdy tho…
lawd jesus…
that sculpted bawdy.
well trevante rhodes,
who is the owner of that bawdy,
just had a photo shoot with “out magazine”.
look at this foxhole…
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Trevante Rhodes (And his Arms) Are The Next Big Thing

you know everyone is still talmbout “moonlight”.
the talk is also about when trevante rhodes appeared on the screen.
i still remember how i felt.
i nearly shrieked in the theater.
so i saw trevante’s interview with “the hollywood reporter” and well…
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