George Zimmerman Helps Invisible Family Out Of Turned Over Invisible SUV


doing good deeds now are we?
george zimmerman is determined to get our love.
you know you want to cuddle with that overgrown sasquatch.
well cnn just broke a story about george zimmerman not killing someone this time.
nope he actually saved a family

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Charles Barkley Is A George Killerman Stan and Agrees With Verdict

celebrity-mug-shot-elite-daily-10charles barkley,
nba baller wolf legend,
may make me protest nba on tnt next season.
i love him on that show too.
look at what he said to cnbc “closing bell” about the trayvon verdict..

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Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin’s Friend, Gets A Full Ride

130628_CRIME_RachelJeantel.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largetrayvon is looking out for his friend.
while everyone was clowning her on social media,
rachel jeantel was being set up for her future by tom joyner.
one that included a full college ride.
madame noire reports…

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