The Wolf Who Wanted Some Tail That Didn’t Exist Anymore

tumblr_inline_nfojqfJ52c1sjiyxrso this week was star fox’s death anniversary.
it was down,
but i still kept productive about it.
he wouldn’t want me to be a mess,
even though he loved putting me back together when i was.
so i called star fox’s mother tonight.
we have been kinda separated,
but we always come back around during this time.
well tonight,
she had a recent story to tell me…
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Konversations about Mixed Cubs With Karaoke

tumblr_my5b2llO1e1sh2p4ao1_1280don’t you just want to dip her in chocolate and eat her up?
look at those cheeks!
i almost wanted cubs looking at that picture.
anyway so after that entry about ( x wolves and mixed cubs ),
i decided to hit up karaoke about it today.we always have the best convos when i mentally check out of work.
well with her permission,
she allowed me to post her answer.
this is what she said…
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August Alsina Learned His Fam Don’t Luv That Sh*t

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 8.37.00 PM^that is an interesting “back to jerusalem” frock.
well they always say family is the first to turn on you when you get money.
it seems august alsina learned that today.
he put a text message on his instagram that a family member sent him.
all i have to say after reading it is…
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