Amar’e Stoudemire Would Shower Down The Street From a Gay Teammate

it’s always that one.
one who shows us who they are before we even have to question.
former nba and overseas baller wolf,
amar’e stoudemire,
says he wouldn’t even shower in the same room as a gay teammate.
so a bunch of baller wolves in the isreali league were asked:

Would you have a problem with a gay teammate?

check all the answers including amar’e…
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Dwight Howard Grabs A Chock Full o’ Nuts or Nah?

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 7.29.11 PMthe jokes with that snake and this entry write themselves.
so nba baller wolf,
dwight howard,
likes a handful of nuts.
i love nuts.
the saltier the better.
well the nuts are coming from his teammate on the houston rockets,
isaiah canaan.
if you didn’t know,
then watch this
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Jonathan Martin: Bullied, Baller Wolves, and Burn Books

youcantsitwithuss0 i’m confused with this story.
so the baller wolf above,
jonathan martin,
claims he was allegedly being bullied by his miami dolphins teammates.
well by this specific teammate by the name of richie incognito:

7518792aren’t we too old for bullying fat boy?
well jonathan claims that when he allegedly tried to sit with richie and nem,
he got “politely” declined and it lead him into emotional distress.
thats where my confusion laid.
it’s even more serious according to nbc news
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How To Low Key Hump On The Football Field And Get Caught

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 2.05.26 PMbrad jones,
baller wolf for the green bay packers,
got a little too excited after an interception.
he decided to hump one of his teammates.
someone on wshh caught all the footage…

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