Andrew Caldwell Needs Some Funds DeliverT

so andrew caldwell has upped his security detail.
some of ya’ll throw paws when you see him.
well that security won’t block his wages being garnished.
you know he was sued by kordell stewart and lost.
an f-bi sent me the alleged go fund me someone made for andrew.
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Andrew Caldwell Has 3 Million Woes Right Now

he may need to delivert that money.
either brown paper bag or suitcase.
it seems andrew caldwell got served a big one for 2017.
so kordell stewart,
ex husband of “rhoa” porsha williams,
was suing him for insinuating they were a “thing”.
well kordell won the case,
but guess how much andrew gotta come up out his “very rich” wallet?
check out what an f-bi sent via the grio
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So You Still Want To Sell Herbalife?


so remember when almost every ig attentionisto had herbalife?
they would try to suck you up with dreams of being on their team.
take that as you will.
well it seems like herbalife got sued.
$200m worth of sued.
all those promises of being the next “donald trump” were alleged pipe dreams.
this is the story via the la times
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You Not Gonna Stalk Tyler Perry and Get Away With It!

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.08.22 PMthis wolf is about to be a father!

so tyler perry is in the news once again.

no his baby has not been born yet.
he was actually being stalked
by an ex-employee
who broke into his studio…

and had a dildo in his mouth while chanting…
okay the last part i made up,
but the other stuff is true.
the ajc has the story…
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