Dear Karma, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, Signed You.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 12.11.30 AMdo you believe in karma?
that 5 letter word that works like the universe’s people court?
sure when people do bad things to us,
it always has a way of coming back to them.
i had an interesting talk with someone tonight about karma.
i don’t know about you,
but everyone who has done me wrong has paid for their sins.
i was bullied/picked on when i was a kid/teenager,
betrayed and back stabbed by so called friends,
and dealt with fake ass people in the working world.
 too many examples to name.
life isn’t about getting revenge for everyone who does you wrong.
all that going online or talking behind someone’s back shit is for cornballs.
either ima bust a chair upside your head or ima let it go.
i often choose the latter.
thing is we can talk about how people have received their karma,
but we never talk about how we received ours?
did i do something wrong to have no job,
lost my best friend,
and both my parents?
sure life could be a disaster,
and i have become so much stronger due to all the loss,
but am i taking the l for something i did way back when?
something i may have forgotten.
makes me think.
are the bad things you maybe going through now because of karma?
or in the “house of the lord” a test from god?
and if it is a test,
where the hell does satan come in at?
i couldn’t help but wonder…

Is it a test,
or have your evil ways caught up with us?

and are we honest enough to admit it?


i am be the greatest fox alive.
i live a comfortable life.
i am wealthy.
i know ballers wolves.
i have great friends.
i have amazing readers.
i have a lot of connections.
i will continue to be a success with ideas.

all of those things are absolutely true.
some just haven’t happened yet,
but some have already started happening.
they will because i have aligned my self talk with my desires.

in life, you could either be beaten down and accept the bullshit life hands to you.
start getting yourself ready for battle.
you need to be brave in this world.
life is not for weaklings and softies.
only the strong survive.
being black and liking men already puts you behind everyone else…
or does it?
we are lucky in many ways.
for one,
no annoying child support and we tend to be blessed with SUPER HUMAN LIKE talent.

we choose which direction we want to go.
we choose how people will react to us.
we also choose whether we want respect or bad treatment.
i demand respect.
you should too.
that is the first step in aligning yourself towards where you want to be.
no one should tell you who you are.
you should ALWAYS tell them.
below are some rules i follow to be great…

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Reading constructive criticism can be hard.

We all want to be right or even live life feeling we are right.
But, when someone comes thru and forces you to see a difference in your opinion or even change it,
it can be a real downer and make your life a sad place.

Well a recent Fox wrote a comment to me under:

“Yo Straight Gay Wolf, Do Wanna Be My Manz? PAUSE and NO HOMO.”

and …
well …

Here it is..

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The Pain Behind The Happy Fox’s Eyes

No one truly knows the pain that can go on behind Foxes eyes.

This is dedicated to my Foxes out there in the struggle…

I am a proud Fox, but I am in constant battle within myself.
I am not scared to be honest because honesty is always the best policy around dese parts.
Trust me when I say though that I have been all 4 of these issues:

Sometimes, we have no one to talk too.
Sometimes, we have so much hurt that we do not want to talk at all.
Some of us have been used as sexual playthings to satisfy the desire of unsure Wolves.
While others have never been touched and dream of being rescued from our lonely dens.

Which Fox are you?

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