When The Baller Wolf Cums (2 The Rescue)

we fucked.
real good too.
right over there by that window.
you can’t see the window,
but it is the room sized one that overlooks the entire high line down in the meat packing district.
new yawk.
i wanted him to pack all his 8″ of latex covered meat inside me in front of that window.
that kind of voyeuristic shit turns me on.
even though he is in the public eye…
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The Power of Taking Responsibility For Your Sh*t

tumblr_mtv5blL7F31rtqolxo1_500i believe heavily in the law of attraction.
what you think about is what you’ll bring about.
ever since work wolf froze me out his life,
it has left me to do a lot of thinking.
what i didn’t realize is that it was actually a blessing.
when he left my life,
it’s not a coincidence i started seeing those angel number’s everywhere.


all of them all said for me to:

“think positive at that very moment”

okay cool.
so after i started accepting “what is”,
i was led to start reading,
“no more mr. nice guy”.
the last entry i wrote allowed the foxholer,
to leave a comment that would further more change my life.
he told me to…
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The Fine Wolf With The Story

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 5.41.52 PMeveryone has a story.
every last one of us.
we look at people we are attracted to and think:


…but once you get to know them,
you will see they are struggling/have struggled with something.
the sad part is people won’t even talk to us once they find out our story.
well one if my f-bi sent me this story.
its the perfect sunday story for those who need a testimony.
everyone meet “fit4duty_”
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Lets Be Together (On Christmas Day)

tumblr_nf9cepBbjc1tu9oufo10_r1_500“Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful.
And since we’ve got no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”…

dean martin was blasting out the overhead speakers.
it was feeling a lot like christmas up in here.
even tho it wasn’t outside.
bae wasn’t in bed when i woke up this morning.
when i went downstairs to look for him,
he damn near screamed for me to go back upstairs.

“i want you to go back upstairs and don’t move!” he said.

he was just wearing an apron and his drawz.
if my ass wasn’t still sore from last night,
i’d fuck him right on these stairs.
he has been the most gracious host since he flew me out here.
this time last year for christmas,
i woke up to the sounds of “hood” and “rat”.
this year,
i’m in the hollywood hills.
who woulda thunk?…

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