Sade’s Son Welcomes A Mustache Into The World

sade4-600x450so that is sade’s daughter on the right.
sade is now welcoming a son into the world.
well sade’s daughter on the right is now her son.
mickailia “ila” adu has transitioned into a wolf.
this is him with a mustache
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Solange Ain’t The One (Ya’ll Better Tell That Hyena)

Solange-Yellow-Dress-Via-Saint-Heron-Instagrami think we have all learned one thing about solange.

“she don’t play dat”

do i need to pull up her resume?
okay then.
well when someone on instagram made a comment about her cub:

“so cute but at the same time he ugly”

you know she had to respond.
this is what she said…
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