The Snow She Jackal Whose Lie Killed A Black Cub (and Started A Movement)

when i was going through my slump,
i wanted to post about the following story.
i said as soon as i started posting again,
i would make an entry about it.
so i know everyone knows the tragic story about emmett till.
if not,
ima post a documentary within the entry.
well just recently,
his accuser that caused his murder came forward with the truth.
she admitted she lied about everything that caused his death.
this is what this she-jackal revealed to the world last week…
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A Baller Wolf From The Kansas City Chiefs Gets Some Sex Tape Leakage?

so no sooner than i posted that last entry,
i saw that fameolous posted another alleged sex tape leakage.
this time,
the alleged leakage is from baller wolf,
charcandrick west of the kansas city chiefs.
that is his first name and this is his alleged leakage for foxhole review

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Ronnie Likes To Beat The Breaks Off… Allegedly

everyone meet ronnie jr. munonyedi.
we have featured him before.
ronnie has been a bad wolf.
so a vix-bi alerted me on the latest dealing with ronnie.
he likes to beat ya up.
well he did it his alleged snow bunny.
this is what he put on his ig
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Lee Daniels Thinks We Need A Snow Bunny To Heal The Country

lee-danielsso i stopped watched “empire”.
i tried to get back into it,
but even aun-T and andre’s tail couldn’t lure me back.
maybe i’ll binge it in the future,
but as of right now,
they need to get their writing together before i watch that again.
so lee daniels has another show coming out by the name of “star”.
he decided to cast a snow bunny because… via the wrap
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