August Alsina Has Some New Friends Getting Him Right

screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-2-15-23-pmyou know what?
i can’t…
so the foxhole remembers august “september” alsina,
^that was him at the ’16 amas looking like something out “the last dragon”.
we use to font about him a lot but then he just up and vanished.
i haven’t seen much from him since that last album.
well he has popped back up on snapchat!
guess who he snapped himself spending thanksgiving with…
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Shamarko Thomas Wants Us To See Something on Snapchat

image1snapchat is the place where you get a “behind the scenes” of those you follow.
you can get kinda raw and naked on there with little/no repercussions.
well baller wolf of the pittsburg steelers,
shamarko thomas,
posted his acupuncture session on snap.
a f-bi sent me the shot and well…
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Joe Anderson and His Vanishing Modeling Picture

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-11-13-00-pmi have talked about big papa,
but happily married,
joe anderson many times.

he is a cut nfl baller wolf trying to find his way on a team.
he also has the most handsome face ive seen in a while.
no homo?
well did anyone see that picture he posted on his snapchat story today?
that professional modeling picture with him in just a towel
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Your Hunger For Penis Has You Looking OD In These Streets

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.37.47 PMsome of the forest dwellers are doing it again.
some have been hounding chadoy leon real heavy.
he put on snapchat along the lines of disrespectful emails in his inbox.
he does the whole “personal training” thing,
but it seems some are fiending for his “sexual services”.
he did say in a message he put up about it:

“no disrespect to the gays”

…so i guess that’s a good start on his alleged “homophobia”.
the arrogant wolf,
“young baggy” aka “baggy large” said…
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