So Orlando Brown Was MmmBoppin’ On The Down Low?

whenever i hear someone is a homophobic hyena,
i automatically assume they want my foxhole or someone in theirs.
the homophobic hyenas always make things way too easy.
remember when orlando brown called out trey songz the other day?
( x read about it here )
it seems that he is being allegedly called out for his “activities” as well.
this is where a vix-bi led me…
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It’s Oprah’s Fault That Trump Is In Office

so now it’s “our” fault trump is in office?
a major black legend of a vixen.
according to comedian,
nikki glaser,
oprah could have done “more” in regards to trump.
this is what she said in her tweet before she deleted it
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The Snow She Jackal Whose Lie Killed A Black Cub (and Started A Movement)

when i was going through my slump,
i wanted to post about the following story.
i said as soon as i started posting again,
i would make an entry about it.
so i know everyone knows the tragic story about emmett till.
if not,
ima post a documentary within the entry.
well just recently,
his accuser that caused his murder came forward with the truth.
she admitted she lied about everything that caused his death.
this is what this she-jackal revealed to the world last week…
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Chrisette Michele Is Dragged, Disowned, and Discombobulated

chrisette michele is still explaining herself.
well she had a nice conversation with billboard.
what happened after she performed for donald trump via baller alert
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