Safaree Gonna Let This Hurt Go For 2017

oh safaree...
cum let me lay my head on your chest so we can talk.
safaree is having a hard time letting go.
i get it.
being done wrong,
especially by someone you thought would never leave,
is tough.
doing a video like this on his ig story tho via the shade room
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Safaree “Issa Snack” Samuels Does “Wendy”

i always thought safaree issa snack.
this is even before the wolf he has become these days.
when he was background with nicki,
i was always like:

well safaree is getting his second wind with this remy/nicki beef.
he went on “the wendy williams show” today to share his thoughts.
i have a few thoughts myself,
but this is the interview
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Did Safaree Get Some Alleged Pipe Leakage?


/this entry contains adult images and material.
viewer discretion is advised.

so i think my lowkey prayers have been answered.
a f-bi alerted me that safaree got some alleged pipe leakage today.
are we excited?
now the source is mediatakeout,
so you gotta f-bi to be sure,
but this is what they gotta show the foxhole
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Nicki Minaj In One Corner; Safaree Samuels In The Next

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.27.15 PMwhats a little sub tweeting from exes?
makes you young!

so let’s talk about nicki minaj and safaree samuels.
sidebar: what has she been up to?
is she still holed up with meek rat?
anyway so the following happened today.
nicki tweeted this…
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