Justin Bieber Shows His Stans So Much Love That It Hurts

…and why are you still fans of him again?
it seems the bielbers are in an abusive stan-ionship.
justin bieber allegedly treats most of them like shit and they still worship him.
so this a video of some of the alleged abuse…
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Cam Newton Didn’t Even Say “Bye”

dm_121021_nfl_newton_presserso as we all know at that beyonce concert last night,
the carolina panthers lost to the denver broncos.
its like they gave them the win.

well cam newton had a post game interview and this is what happened…
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I Will Pop Your Lip So Watch How You Address Me

Is it me,
or am the the only one who thinks 95% of gay men are rude and messy as shit?

It makes no fucking sense to me the attitudes and the whole extra bullshit.

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Dik Sukka. The Biz.

I will admit,
I am not a serious ho-fessional when it comes to head giving.

But this nigga right HEA nigga…
He got us ALL beat.
Makes me want to go get a nigga from the corner to practice sukkin off on.

I want to be a problem at the BECKY too!

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