i know you got one.
everyone seems to have one.
some people do the usual 9 to 5 with a 6 to 1 on the side.
not everyone wants to slave at two jobs though.
i know people selling avon.
got some people on my left doing mca.
on my right, i know a few selling sex toys.
people are trying to become rich.
fuck that.
sadly, many are trying to become hood rich.

that easy money.
that type of bread that brings the bottles and the bitches.
that type of green that brings vip lists and front row seats.

let instagram tell it,
everyone who lives in the hood has louie, gucci, and prada.
vixens have on loubs and giuseppes.
wolves are throwing bills while sipping on ace of spade bottles.
this is the new “american dream“.
we are attracted to those living that lifestyle,
but i started to wonder…

Is easy money always easy?

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Real quick,
I’m not even going to go into a whole entry because I forgot to get to THIS….
but what is THIS nigga doing?

At that moment, Ma$e was definitely your “favorite rapper’s favorite rapper,” as all of the artists proceeded to take photos with Ma$e and show an extreme amount of love for him. Ma$e would later come out with French Montana and Wale to perform the “Slight Work” remix.

He makes me so sick….

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