Birds of A Feather Fly Coach Together?

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 7.26.38 PMi’m having a lot of problems with this story.
okay so…
everyone knows,
or should know rather,
that lira galore is engaged to rapper wolf,
rick ross.
lira is a pretty attentionista who thought she snagged a winner.
well they broke up because allegedly she smashed all the homies.
after many subliminals,
picture erasing,
and i’m sure a lot of begging (from her im sure),
they rekindled whatever they have.
that is until a vix-bi sent me this via famelicious
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I Was Just Going To The Concert To Lay Hands on Rick Ross Breasts.

rick-ross-bling-and-bellyyou know it’s bad when you get fired as a pastor.
you know it’s worse when you get fired as a pastor going to a rick ross concert.
lord help him.

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Conchita Is Taking Care of Home and Signing Checks… Get It Right!

ever since vanessa bryant got this instagram,
she is replying to everything.

she was tired of playing the silent act.
i liked the mystery myself.
drake had a lyric on his song in reference to her.
“you wasn’t shooting with me in the gym”.
pissed her all the way off.
so, she replied…

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