The Battle Between Good and Evil (Porsha and Kenya?)

tumblr_n43cm3wgqb1ql5yr7o1_r2_500well tonight was the other brawl we were waiting for.
the show down at the okay corral between kenya moore and porsha stewart.
it was one that lit twitter on fire with opinions,
and comments.
i cannot wait for the gifs.
anyway i have a few thoughts on all that happened…
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Always Let The Doofus Do Your Dirty Work ( #RHOA Street Talk )

PORSHAWOMPWOMPso that “dumb blonde” act is real?
so the streets is talking
and they saying porsha looking like a unemployed doofus in these streets.
blogging peer tamara tattles,
who usually gets all the official street talk,
got the intel on what allegedly happened at reunion-gate at #rhoa…
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