Victor Cruz Won’t Have To Salsa Anymore In New Yawk

it seems like everyone is getting laid off this year.
being the “it” nfl baller wolf is very temporary.
you can be here today and gone the next.
well foxhole fav,
victor cruz,
has been released by the giants.
this is what espn had to say about it…
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Can We Talk About Rashad Jennings for A Sec?

even though my giants suffered a tremendous loss,
it won’t stop me from talking about rashad jennings tonight.
i actually saw when he put ^that picture up on snapchat earlier.
there was an even better video that accompanied it.i realllllllly love rashad’s snapchat.
that #shadthepoet story he is does is so good.
why is he not recognized for his good looks like others?
his lips and chest>>>>

The Fox, The Connect, and The “FAIL” Fashion Show

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.06.45 AMso i’m a little tite this morning.
i was all set to go to ^this fashion show next week.
well guess what?
it wasn’t next week.
its now in the “fail” pile of my life.
here is the reason why
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