Rico Pruitt Has An IG Live Rant

this ig live thing…
well rico pruitt had a rant on his ig live.
he addressed all the rumors about why he left “about him”,
all that beef with the director of signal 23 that lead him to do porn.
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Ya’ll Not Liking George Hill Stuff and He Getting Mad

when you are trying to “make it” as a star,
that particular path is never easy.
until your name is in lights,
and you’re getting respect from the movers and shakers,
you’ll be treated like a second class citizen.
ask anyone in hollywood.
even the nerds of the successful forests went through it.
george hill is mad you don’t like his rapping stuff.
an f-bi sent me the alert to yet another rant.
 he is realizing his follower count don’t add up to his likes.
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It’s Safe To Say That Frank Ocean Won’t Be At The Grammys Tonight?

with the way he is carrying on…
so frank ocean is mad.
 ken ehrlich,
who is the grammys producer and the show writer,
david wild.
well ken,
don’t know how david got involved,
criticized his performance in 2013 with a quote in rolling stone.
this is what ken said:

“We executed his vision knowing that it was faulty,” Ehrlich said of Ocean’s 2013 showing. “And we tried to tell him that, we tried to tell his management that, we tried to tell the record label that. So, his feelings about the Grammys right now, I would imagine, probably go back to that in one way. But honestly, it wasn’t us.”

classy response?
well frank took to his tumblr in a “kanye west” type rant.
this is what he fonted
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Andrew Caldwell Is The Wolf You Secretly Want To Smash

13316795_1015308285205739_424103224173172218_owho is andrew caldwell?
well he is a MAN bay-beeeeeeee.
that’s right.
he is the leader of all the males.
andrew caldwell is still out here looking for the “wimmenz”.
he is also a straight killa now too.
a ryda.
you know how he do.
he seems to have had some beef recently.
a f-bi sent me a video of him putting his foot down…
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Kanye Rants About Beyonce and Does Other Peculiar Things

tumblr_static_afs49igni74k8o4okk84kko44_640_v2ya’ll still pay to see kanye live?
good luck with that.
well kanye is at it again in one of his concerts.
i mean,
this is nothing new.
his latest situation that happend in sacramento had:

male on male bonding with kid cudi
beyonce ranting
mic droppin/leaving early

an f-bi led me the following videos.
i don’t know exactly what order,
but here they go
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