Let’s Record Him High and Send It to RadarOnline

i find videos like the following to be very sad.
so i didn’t know gary houston,
whitney houston‘s brother,
was allegedly addicted to drugs.
well i found out yesterday when an f-bi sent me the following article:

Whitney Houston Brother Caught Unconscious Outside Drug Den In Video

…courtesy of radar online.
of course,
i saw “drug den” and had to see wtf was up.
well in the video was so depressing to me.
it showed gary,
allegedly high af,
in his suv.
check it out below
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Liar! Liar! Your Robbery Story Could Douse Your Career on Fire!

enhanced-buzz-1142-1367424408-19kim kardashian cried when her sex tape was leaked,
was a mess when she divorced kris humphries,
but was calm and collected after allegedly getting robbed.
well a video has been leaked.
not another sex tape.
a video of the french police in the apartment right after this alleged robbery.
you know the one where she was tied up,
screamed frantically for help,
nearly jumped from a balcony like wonder woman,

and feared rape?
that one.
well radar online has the video and well…
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Chris Brown’s Transgendered House Jackal Speaks!

chris-brown-instagramwell damn!
november 3rd came quick!
shit i done missed halloween
the transgendered she jackal by the name of shauna brooks,
who supposedly did “something” with chris brown,
sped up the date to talk about what happened that night at his crib.
you know ( x the one ) i’m talking about…
you better pull up a chair and grab some popcorn.
this is what went down
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Adrienne Bailon Gets Exposed… For Something Quite Obvious.

camel2adrienne bailon always struck me as trying to hard.
she never comes off like it just “happens”.
maybe her face always gives it away or something.
who are her people?
where are her friends?
why is her mama not interested?
her former publicist,
jonathan jaxson,
spilled the alleged beans on her “trying to hard” games.
the following should not be a shocker…

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