Black TV Needs To Make White People Comfortable

has lee daniels gone mad?
i am being serious.
he has said some questionable shit in the past,
but i can’t with this statement he made about his new show “star”.
this is what he told ebony magazine
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It’s Sexy To Be A Hole Banging, Emotionally Pit less, Money Loving Volcano


i have always been an open book when it came to my emotions.
i know it’s not the “manly” thing to do,
but i’d rather others know what’s bothering me than bottling it up.
with that being said,
i often asked myself:

Are males supposed to be emotional?

it’s like we’re supposed to lie in order to be considered a “man”.
the almighty male!
the one who bangs a lot of holes and wears designer clothes!
hear us roar!
well that won’t be me.
judging from how the foxhole has been my “emotional journey” since ’09,
i guess many relate in some way or another.
thank you to those who continue not to judge me since then.
i saw a quote from viola davis the other day that represents me.
as you know,
viola is one of my favorite actresses.
this is a quick quote on what she told essence via the root
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Kyle Hagler Has A Quote For All The Hamsters On A Wheel

screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-10-34-44-pmi was inspired by all of the nominee’s speeches at “harlem fashion show” last night,
but something kyle hagler said really shook me to the core.
it was one of those quotes i couldn’t stop thinking about.
i wanted to share it with the foxhole because it was so powerful.
so at the end of his speech,
he said…
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Rihanna Gonna Need A New Head After This Dragging

rihanna-tumblrthere comes a point in every celeb life when they will get dragged.
it happens to the best of them.
sometimes they open their mouth and a ton of “wtf” flies out.
as you know,
i love rihanna.
she had something to say in the latest vanity fair about rachel dolezal.
you know her.
she was ( x the snow bunny who is transracial ).
well i can feel my head hurting for rihanna with this comment…
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