Kerry Rhodes Has A Message For You All…


i mean yup.
yup he has something to say about “picture-gate” from yesterday.
oooooooh see what ya’ll done did….

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Do Southern Baller Wolves Prefer Lookin’ Inside Foxholes?

i guess peanut makes his debut again.
mediatakeout decides to start some shit about my:

Screen-Shot-2013-04-09-at-12.06.00-AMthat damn mto….

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Wait……Is This Kerry Rhodes?!

1409610382-1i just saw these two pictures roll up on my tumblr.
i was like:

“wait…. is this kerry rhodes?!”

…so of course,
i went to his twitter and found out yes it was him….

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What’s Dez Bryant Got to Do With It?

tumblr_mkpol83ey61qk5j8to2_500a whole fuckin’ lot,
that’s what!
you already know.

he still remains one of the favorites inside the foxhole.
he always seem to drip chocolate everywhere…

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Who Would Wrestle Serge Ibaka’s Wild African Congo Snake?

keri hilson got a good one.
i think this was the only win in her entire career.
she managed to bag serge ibaka.

i must have been off my game lol
he is one juicy piece of baller nba wolf meat

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Dwayne Wade Asks If These Pants Make Him Look Fat?

last time, i had to rip him a new one for his outfit.
these days, he looks pretty well put together.
dwayne has tapped into his model side.
i’m not even mad,
but who knew he was packing like this from the back

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