Rotimi, Or “Dre” from “Power”, Gets Some Alleged Pipe Leakage

/the following entry is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

rotimi has an interesting face.
i said when i first saw him in “power”.
i said it again when i watched “burning sands” last weekend.

well he got some alleged pipe leakage today.
the pipe and sex tape leakage queen.
a vix-bi alerted me to all the action this morning.
this is what he has to show the foxhole for review
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Dolvett Quince Gets Some “Tease Us Good” Pipe Leakage

you know when was the point i was “making it” as a blogger?
when the f-bi was sending me in exclusive content.


i’ve gotten a lot of exclusives throughout the years,
but if i’m requested not to post,
then i’ll respect the wishes of the f-bi.
you gotta build trust with those who provide you information.
i think legit trainer wolf,
dolvett quince,
is fine af.
you should know by all the past entries about him.
a vix-bi,
who sent me in some exclusives today,
sent me dolvett in his semi natural fur…
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“Dear John” Gaines A Full Alleged Pipe Leakage?

/the following is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

…and i’m up.
i told ya’ll it wouldn’t take long.
i just needed to get back into the swing of things.
well i should thank a foxholer and john gaines jr.
i fell off my “island” when i was alerted that john’s pipe was allegedly leakage.
and there was also a video!
“christmas at the end of january” thanks to slapmyfatty.
this is all the alleged pipe leakage for foxhole review
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Victor Cruz Has More Pipe Leakage On The Way?

i love baller wolf for the ny giants,
victor cruz,
and his latino bawdy.
he is not too muscular or thick.
his bawdy looks good in clothes and he fills out in the right places.
well slapmyfatty is at it again.
it seems he has a “victor cruz part 2” file.
( x remember the first )
this is the teaser shot that slapyfatty released…
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