When Trying To Catch The Meat Catches You

sometimes when you’re trying to checking out the meat,
you can get caught.
shit can happen.
the worse is when you trying to get it on your phone.
how do you play it off?
well an f-bi sent me this video of a:

“nearly caught,
but well played”

…experience i gave some foxhole points.
take a look
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Cee Lo Green and The Phone That Was Tha Bomb?

i saw this video on baller alert and it scared TF out of me.
so the video shows cee lo green of “the voice” on a phone call in a studio.
as he is talking,
something allegedly left field happens.
that’s the part that scared TF out of me.
check this out foxhole…
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Don’t Be On Your Phone if You Work for Nicki Minaj?

tumblr_liizkeXmvg1qdj0frat most jobs,
they frown upon texting on the clock.
if you are caught,
you will be written up.
repeat offenders could possibly get that ass out the door.
well if you work for nicki minaj,
she may throw it out the window.
this is allegedly what happened when she saw her security on his phone…
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