Cam Newton: The King Baller Wolf of Petty

cam newton is an incredible baller wolf,
but he is also a divo.

it’s no secret.
well who knew he was super petty?
i don’t think that’s a secret as well.
well a reporter started questioning cam about a picture on his ig.
well this was cam’s response
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Jennifer Lopez Starting Off The New Year Being Petty and a Dragging

i see team “but you know me” is starting ’17 being petty.
so we all had an opinion about mariah’s nose dive performance last night.
well another diva,
jennifer lopez,
took her passive aggression to instagram.
since instagram introduced “likes”,
it has really exposed the inner petty in many.
this is what jennifer lopez allegedly liked that someone caught…
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Petty or Die

13166897_1045218882218621_972595592_nmaybe she is getting paid?
this has to be some kind of scheme.
how can one say ^that and not be blacklisted?
what would be the end result?
she violated three stan bases who goe hard.
so azealia banks showed her natural black ass yesterday.
she fought with a couple of her peers it was ridiculous.
it went from zayn mailk to a 14 year old disney actress.
i was gonna post about it,
but it honestly turned me completely off.
i use to stan hard for ab,
but she obviously enjoys being petty.
is 2016 the year to be petty?
 i had to wonder…
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Blac Chyna Stars As “Peppermint Petty”

blac-chyna-tyga-custody-battle-640x388blac chyna seems like a sweet vixen.
her cub is also really damn cute.
i felt her pain after her break up with tyga.
she gave her time,
and womb,
to that fuck-jackal only to be cheated on with an alleged pre-teen.
that had to have stung.
all while said pre-teen’s family invited her into their homes,
smiled up in her face,
but really knew what was up.
that is usually grounds for an ass whoopin’.
after they broke up,
she tried her hand at being an attentionista.
pretty much failed.
she isn’t amber rose.
well this is what happened after i saw this recent picture
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