Tremaine Neverson Gives Us Penis Print and Anticipation

tremaine and his magical pipe.
trey songz for those who don’t know.

^that is what he uploaded to ig today.
i was already…
on it.
he also released a ep i got a chance to listen to today.
it’s called “anticipation 3”.
i have a few thoughts
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“Kim Burrell Thinks You’re Going To Hell” (and Other Connotations)

star fox (rip) was a huge fan of kim burrell.
it seems a lot of church folks love(d) her.
i never listened to her,
but i remember how highly he always spoke about her.
i feel an “a-ha” moment in this somewhere.
well she has changed the opinions of many recently.
what she do?
she bashed the members of many foxholes far and wide.
someone in her congregation decided to film it on facebook live.
this is what she said in her sermon
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f0xmail: My Penis Isn’t Big and I’m Insecure About It. Help!


Hello Jamari

I am a frequent visitor and supporter of your blog. Reading your blog daily allows me to escape the stressors that life presents. In addition to the great eye candy, and different perspectives from the foxxes and wolves.

I am in my mid twenties and one major insecurity and depressing thoughts about my lack of endowment. Often times it makes me feel less than a man. In addition to being afraid to talk to guys or date with the fear of rejection for not measuring up to large standards. I have gotten accustomed to warring very baggy clothes to hide my small bulge. However as a recent college grad I will be starting a new office job soon and will have to be in business casual attire.

Do you have any advice on the type of style of pants and underwear that I should purchase , that will not make my shortcomings so apparent. Or perhaps enhance it comfortably.

Fyi I am blessed with a large back side so the rear portion of my pants fills out nicely. But I guess beggars can’t be choosey.

Thanks for reading


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Um Michael Sam Has No Time For Grindr (Whats Wrong With U?)

tm1ipsylozgvzigghqqxthis entry is going to like a game of “clue”.
“it was michael sam,
in the alleged master bathroom,
with the pipe!”
i’m not going to say anything.
i’m sure you will tho.
^that pic is the hypothetical first clue.
okay so michael sam,
was caught in a selfie penis love triangle.
the “love” being that everyone kinda loved it.
well his agent,
cameron weiss,
had this to say about all the confusion (via gawker)…
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