“Kim Burrell Thinks You’re Going To Hell” (and Other Connotations)

star fox (rip) was a huge fan of kim burrell.
it seems a lot of church folks love(d) her.
i never listened to her,
but i remember how highly he always spoke about her.
i feel an “a-ha” moment in this somewhere.
well she has changed the opinions of many recently.
what she do?
she bashed the members of many foxholes far and wide.
someone in her congregation decided to film it on facebook live.
this is what she said in her sermon
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The Whole (Foods) Truth and Nothing but The Truth


1cb2a17374083.560aa66797b12oooooooooookay so this story baffled me.
i don’t understand get it,
but maybe you will.
so an openly gay pastor,
by the name of jordan brown,
went to go get a cake that said:

“love wins”

…and ended up with a cake that said something different.
that’s the part i’m not getting.
check the story via the new york daily news so we can talk about it…
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The Church Pews Arent The Only Thing Giving Wood Nowadays


church is the place where one goes to get drenched in the holy spirit.
well thats what it is “supposed” to be.
nowadays you getting drenched in some other shit.
being completely honest but church is the place to get good gossip,
great drugs,
and greater sex.
the best part?
you can have a do over every sunday at altar call.
go up there with a face full of tears and repent for all your weekly sins.
um, score?!
i started to wonder if church is starting to become a joke?
or has it always been a inside joke that went over our heads?
is it best to just stay out of that fire so you won’t get burned?

Is church really the devil’s playground?

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