So Orlando Brown Was MmmBoppin’ On The Down Low?

whenever i hear someone is a homophobic hyena,
i automatically assume they want my foxhole or someone in theirs.
the homophobic hyenas always make things way too easy.
remember when orlando brown called out trey songz the other day?
( x read about it here )
it seems that he is being allegedly called out for his “activities” as well.
this is where a vix-bi led me…
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Another Black Celebrity Wolf Gets Outed?

so a foxholer sent me a developing story and the first thing i said was:


is 2016 trying to go out with a bang?
well another celebrity wolf gets allegedly outed by a messy jackal.
kordell can jump for joy now.
on the next:


we allegedly got
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Markeith Rivers Says Get On Your Knees, Beg, Or Be Outed!

14355124_1589399811364735_6008255412350744539_nso we have covered markeith rivers a couple of times in the foxhole.
so much so,
his entries are currently trending —–>
well a vix-bi sent me a recent entry that was on mediatakeout.
it was a video of markeith making a wolf beg not to be outed
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