All His Life, Adrien Broner’s Paws Had To Fight

they say you never know where someone is been until you walked a mile in their shoes.
well boxer wolf,
adrien broner,
has walked a couple miles with no shoes on.
he thought we wanted to see his paw situation on the gram and well…
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Crack That Egg All On My Face Daddy (Fuck Jackal Hi-jinx)

was anyone ever really impressed with brian pumper?
his hair and bawdy is the truth,
but i never saw a foXXX with him that impressed me.
he is just all around weird af.
as you know,
he is rapper wolf attentionisto in thse forests.
he has a new song called “crackin eggs”.
you read right.
peep is the song…
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You Thought Your 2016 Was Bad?

you know what’s crazy?????
i literally thought about ^this wolf,
kain carter aka @hotdamnirock,
the other day.
he was like one of the first to do video blogging.
i use to see his videos everywhere and then he disappeared.
you never know what someone is going through.
everyone has a cross to bear.
you would think kain would be living the life out here.
he has 847k followers on youtube and is pretty popular.
well he vanished for the entire 2016.
no one knew what happened to him.
and thank God for tumblr,
he recently made a video about what happened.
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I’ll Kill For You (Mother).

“oh mother…”
everyone was telling me watch “bates motel” on a&e.

it was the re-vamped prequel to the movie series,
i was like “eh”.
i didn’t want to watch anything creepy.
i was pushed when i saw rihanna was going to be on it.
she would be playing the legendary character,
“marion crane”.
the one who was stabbed up in the shower in the first “psycho”.

well i started the series on netflix last weekend and ended it today.
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