“You Have Nice Bunz, Mah Dude”; “Thank You! Cocoa Butter!”

1372333642436324754i don’t know about you,
but “power” is the only show i am looking forward to returning.
the story line.
the acting.
the sex.
i need a rag just thinking about it.
well the “power” cast visited power 105.1 to discuss the new season.
compliments went flying,
but in an interesting twist,
charlamange complimented omari hardwick on his hard working ass-ets.
take a look…
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Omari Hardwick for Brunch? Don’t Mind if I Do!

tumblr_nc0ysiqD4X1qjcz7ao2_1280when i say he could eat me seven ways until sunday…
inside voice.
omari hardwick and his wife decided to have a photo op.
oh wait.
that is his tv wife,
naturi naughton,
in his show “power”.
they are filming the second season and i hope,
no i pray,
there are more intense love scenes.
no omari,
his wife,
and beautiful cub had the brunch the other day in new yawk.
the ybf posted it the other day and well…
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He Got All The Power (and I’m On My Knees To His Mercy)

-1you know whats crazy?
all of the foxhole has been sending me countless emails about this show.
i even got a much appreciated comment with the link.
i was so hooked on “orange is the new black”,
which i still have to finish,
that i didn’t get a chance to watch “power”.
a drama created by 50 cent which stars omari hardwick and my girl,
naturi naughton,
for the starz network.
i was scrolling down my tumblr feed and i saw this…
(which is NSFW,
and “not f0r straight eyes”):
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Note To Self: Throw Away Used Condoms Before Maid Finds Them.

tumblr_mpd775Zb8D1s6tv1eo1_500i nearly fell asleep,
i was tired as hell,
but i’m glad i didn’t miss it.
i watched being mary jane last night.
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