Devin Thomas, The Foxhole Fav, Gets Some Pipe Leakage

/this entry is definitely parental advisory.
viewer discretion is advised.

^this was my favorite picture of his.
remember when my first baller wolf crush was on devin thomas?
that is how the foxhole was born.
i wanted that pipe and i wanted it bad.
well he went left field,
lost his career,
latched onto that weed religion,
and i got confused with the antics.
he could have been big,
but it seems he was exposed to something that ruined him.
well slapmyfatty did it again.
he/she/it got the nudes of my past crush for 2017.
check out devin thomas without the fur
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NBa Baller Wolf, Draymond Green, Has Some Pipe Leakage

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 5.54.13 PMpoor draymond green,
nba baller wolf of the golden state warriors.
but not really.
after such a devastating loss in last season’s playoffs,
now “this” happens.
so draymond green had some accidental pipe leakage on snapchat.
deadspin has the story…


now that’s out the way…
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So Michael B Jordan and This Alleged Pipe of His…

michael+b+jordan+shirtlesswell its good to be back in the foxhole once again.
who broke my “devin thomas” limited edition print picture?
anyway while i was gone,
i got a lot of messages about michael b jordan,
one of my fav black actor wolves,
with some peen leakage for review.
now you know this is about to be full tilt 18^,
and “not for straight eyes even know i know you nosy anyway”

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foXXX: Did David Mcintosh Get Some Peen Leakage?

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 6.24.32 AMwho is ready for some mid sized little friday ratchetness?
i am!
i am!
so king david mcintosh allegedly got got.
an f-bi alerted me that a tumblr named “walls0fjericho got a hold of king david’s alleged nudes.
you know i had to post this before i went to work.
well you be the judge if this is really david or not…
and “not for straight eyes”)
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