Amar’e Stoudemire Would Shower Down The Street From a Gay Teammate

it’s always that one.
one who shows us who they are before we even have to question.
former nba and overseas baller wolf,
amar’e stoudemire,
says he wouldn’t even shower in the same room as a gay teammate.
so a bunch of baller wolves in the isreali league were asked:

Would you have a problem with a gay teammate?

check all the answers including amar’e…
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Stop Trying To Make Trey Songz “Gay” (It Ain’t Gon Happen)

Screen-Shot-2014-03-26-at-11.40.36-AMdon’t get too excited foxhole.
that tweet by trey songz happens to be fake.
not real.
no bueno.
ain’t happening.
no need to show up backstage at his tour expecting to get dug out @ his hotel.
no i did not ever fantasize that.
anyway he decided to respond on twitter about it and well…
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Lets Do The Jackal Creep! (Ready, Set, Hide!)

Dexter_The_Creep1so earlier today,
i decided to go and get some gnc multivitamins.
it makes no sense that when i wake up,
i’m ready to take my ass right back to sleep.
i havent taken multivitamins in a while,
but when i did,
i usually had a ton of energy.
since i start this job tomorrow,
i can’t be feeling like death especially on my first day.
so when i got to gnc and i saw this person at the corner…
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(Shut The F*ck Up) Don’t Ask Me No F*ckin’ Questions – The French Remix

tumblr_mkaf17Md1T1qarn5to1_1280i like yeezus’s approach to the paparazzi asking him questions.
it is a huge life lesson wrapped up in a simple:
“shut the fuck up”
when someone you don’t care tries to get in ya business.
the paps still ain’t learn tho.
well he treats the american paps like shit,
but he is all smiles with the french…
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