They Played The Giants On The New York Post Today

i saw this whole scene on snaphat when it was going on.
tremaine had them ny giant baller wolves all on ^that boat,
with a gaggle of hoes,
and some random snow wolves cooking food and getting groceries on jet skis.
str8 flexin.
i’m sure it was orgy central too.
well who knew it would be the cover of the new york post today?
after such a bad loss and playoff dreams crushed?

Odell Beckham JR Goes Down In Some Leakage?

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 11.43.41 PMi like odell in ^that position.
so you know how i feel about baller wolf for the new york giants,
odell beckham jr.
well an f-bi sent me this alleged picture of him…
lets just say its a mouthful.
and “the curious straights” can view)
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One Mo’ Gin Wit (Odell Beckham JR)

tumblr_noh5dnKXi91tsqmfco1_500i guess this a two parter.
so first of all…

^this picture of odell made me fully wake up this sunday.
pictures where you are “caught off guard” tend to show your true beauty.
like that one where you were caught smiling.
you know you don’t smile.
well this other picture of odell getting acupuncture that my f-bi sent me tho…
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Odell Beckham JR Is The New Tumblr

tumblr_np4rxjcfj11uwwrxno1_540i just want to say i talked about odell beckham jr in ’13.
( x here )
he was my pre baller wolfie gem from lsu i discovered.
well fast forward to ’15.
he plays for the giants and is also now the new tumblr wolf.
i can count on all paws the times his pics scroll down my tumblr tl.
i mean even tho he straight,
i’d still give it to him…
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