New Year; New Me!… For A Week Until Back To Normal

tumblr_mji6cg7YZ31qd9jlto1_1280-650x433so its 2015.
a year that has everyone is “new year; new me!”.
whenever any new year rolls around,
everyone wants to start getting rid of baggage.
we mentally start packing the things we created for ourselves.
things we vowed we would stop doing as we put them in an emotional u-haul.

  that ex we are still addicted to
those cakes and cookies that gave us those love handles
 the cigarettes that keep us sane when we are stressed
those random one nighters that leave our holes sore in the morning

the problem for most of us is that somewhere down the line,
we always revert back to unpacking the mess.
we simply put them away without really getting rid of them.
we are like hoarders for bad habits.
since today is the first day of the new year,
i had to wonder…

Are we kidding ourselves with new years resolutions?..
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The Dragon Is Back And All The Other Vixens Are Scared (VC: 15)

every year we can expect a beyonce take over.
she goes hard for the entire year until she feels it is time to stop.
the other singers probably thank their lucky stars.
2013 is the year she regains steam again.
she has the super bowl coming up,
a new album,
and other stuff to make us sick of her by mid may.
her first stop is up and coming gq for february…

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Songzbird Is NOT This Sloppy Kissing This Dude In This Cab.

 songzbird is having the best week ever.
he has gotten a ton of publicity.
that damn chainsaw movie is coming out next month.
well, here is the latest scandal for his roster….

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I want you to think about the new year ahead.

What do you desire?
What goals do you want met or even started?
What habits would you like to change or get rid of?
Is it time to completely drop some people?
Are you ready for love?
Or, are you ready to be single and enjoy yourself for a while?

Making New Years resolutions is absolutely stupid, imo.
We start out 1 or 2 months doing it and then we get bored and forget all about it.

How about we all just know we want more and move in that direction?
Write up a goal sheet and stick to it.
Give yourself objectives and a time line.
Ignore the people you want to cut off and slowly lower your contact with them.
They will get the hint.


I want a Baller Wolf who won’t drive me crazy,
to really take my style and swagg to another level,
my wonderful site to get more publicity and touch more people,
mo money mo money and mo money,
all of my insecurities to be taken care of,

and to be in the path of greatness!

Ya know, small things for the Head Fox.



So get ready for 2012.
I feel it is going to be amazing.