Check Who Is Getting A Yam Pounding By Idris Elba

so i didn’t win.
*sad face*

i had to let the foxhole know.
idris elba did not get the chance to pound my yams.
well you guys have been wondering who won the “win a date with idris elba/pound his yams” contest through omaze.
( x see it here )
i’ve gotten a ton of emails asking about it.
check who won the contest…
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one thing i can’t do is stink.
smelling it and reading about it.
so i know you heard about the two hyenas disrespecting the “bed, bath, and beyond” display bed.
( x read that story here )
scabies and shit.
 you know i was sick reading that.
well you know they were so bad,
the station they were at had to fumigated?
well this is what happened via the daily mail
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I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (58)

tumblr_m45cbkaexs1r4yegro1_5001you know the old adage:


it was in the bible
or something…
anyway a she-snow jackal decided to punch a snow wolf outside a college party.
this is what happened during and after
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Shabazz Muhammad Tried To Get Some Coochie and Ended Up Getting Fucked

shabazz_muhammadshabazz muhammad tried to bend the rules since he is a new rookie.
he thought he could try to get some late night coo coo at the nba’s rookie transition program.
well he learned they wasn’t playing with that ass…

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There’s Nothing Noble about Being Breezy Wolf?

evolution-chris-brown--large-msg-1361310647i bet he wishes he was this cub once again.
back at a time where he had no issues.
he was just “chris brown”.
worrying about what fresh kicks to wear to school.
singing at virgina state.
that innocent cub with a clean slate.
breezy wolf has some more issues on his plate.
monday: a vixen whose leg nearly got broke in half.
tuesday: a hit and run charge.
wednesday: kidnap obama and demand world domination?…

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