tumblr_mqgzg9nS3c1scwulzo1_r1_500so karoke,
my vixen friend,
is into comics and games.
i like that about her because she is a nerd just like me.
she sent me a comic yesterday that was is a mystery you have to solve..
i didn’t figure it out so she ended up telling me what it was.
i’m going to post it and ask…

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an f-bi sent this article to me last night.
i had to rewrite it.
baller alert,
one of my favs,
had an article titled:

5 Types of “Friends” to Leave at Home When Trying to Land a Baller

… and i knew it would hit close to home in the foxhole.
i decided to rewrite it for all the foxes/wolves/and hybrids who are trying to be on the prowl.
meet ballers or even just a good guy.
“show me your friends and i’ll show you who you are”….
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I’m known to walk alone
But I’m alone for a reason” – Beyonce, Upgrade U

I was on Twitter earlier and I noticed a friend of mine was Mr. Popularity.
I checked out some of his friends and they were all sexy.
He doesn’t live in The Concrete Forest,
I can’t exactly chill with him and see what’s good.
He knows all the “discreet” dudes who run within this lifestyle.
Which probably opens up doors for him to meet new Wolves.
So is that the secret?….
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