The Games The Foxhole Plays (1)


tumblr_mqgzg9nS3c1scwulzo1_r1_500so karoke,
my vixen friend,
is into comics and games.
i like that about her because she is a nerd just like me.
she sent me a comic yesterday that was is a mystery you have to solve..
i didn’t figure it out so she ended up telling me what it was.
i’m going to post it and ask…

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If Ya Wanna Be My Lover, Ya Gotta Fuck Each Of My Friends…


an f-bi sent this article to me last night.
i had to rewrite it.
baller alert,
one of my favs,
had an article titled:

5 Types of “Friends” to Leave at Home When Trying to Land a Baller

… and i knew it would hit close to home in the foxhole.
i decided to rewrite it for all the foxes/wolves/and hybrids who are trying to be on the prowl.
meet ballers or even just a good guy.
“show me your friends and i’ll show you who you are”….
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