Baller Wolf, Nic Harris, Is Back On The Grid

nic harris.
nfl baller turned personal trainer/actor/model wolf.
we have talked about him a few times within the foxhole.
he is good wolfie people and also very intelligent.
i love listening to him talk with his big words ‘n’ shit.
well nic vanished for a while.
last i know,
he went to italy to play ball and went off the grid.
well ^that picture came bouncing down my twitter timeline.
it caught my attention with the quickness.
i had to go sniffin around and well…
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Foxhole Meet Joe Anderson, The Baller Wolf Towel Model

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-12-04-59-amMY FOXHOLE IS THE SHIT!!!!
no soon did i write that entry,
a f-bi sent me the shot via foxmail.
i swear my foxhole could find hillary’s emails and trump’s tax returns.
i kid.
so this is what joe anderson posted this morning on snap.
it’s from his shoot with audra oden photography Read More »

Joe Anderson and His Vanishing Modeling Picture

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-11-13-00-pmi have talked about big papa,
but happily married,
joe anderson many times.

he is a cut nfl baller wolf trying to find his way on a team.
he also has the most handsome face ive seen in a while.
no homo?
well did anyone see that picture he posted on his snapchat story today?
that professional modeling picture with him in just a towel
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Can You Smell What Franco Noriega Is Cookin?

it smells like “in my gutz” and “i swallow”.
that is usually a good smell two hot animals can cook up together.
so i stumbled upon franco noriega on his tumblr.
he’s a 6’2,
“model turned chef turned business owner”,
peruvian wolf.
his restaurant is called “baby brasa” in new yawk,
but i’m wondering if he is also on the menu…

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Bring A Portable Fan To Ye’s Fashion Show!

crx1fipwyaacizbye was having all kinds of issues with his fashion show today.
first of all,
he had it in the blazing sun on roosevelt island.
why is this?
all his multi racial models were completely over the nonsense.
one even fainted.
this is what the new york post had to say…
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