Milan Christopher Is Straight and You’ll Simply Learn To Deal

so milan christopher is the “b” in “lgbt”?
i’ve been dying to use that line.
i watched rhoa last weekend.
another entry.
 it appears that he is dating a vixen again.
it didn’t work out with the other one?
this ones name is j adrienne.
never heard of her,
but they are both family members from the “lhh” franchise.
well apparently they are both doing the “d” in “delivert” thing together.
^that picture came with this status:

…and all of these pics from an event in cleveland

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Milan Christopher Is A Celeb and His Bunz Are His Business Card

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-7-18-20-pmmilan christopher is looking to get smashed.
he just needs to be careful who does the smashing.
i would expect nothing but baller/rapper/r&b wolves in that booty.
not hyenas and jackals from the gram.

so milan christopher got some leakage from a hyena named gio.
gio is definitely not a stranger to the foxhole.
it seems that milan allegedly slid in gio’s dms and then denied it happened.
well gio decided to show the receipts and then deleted it.
he must not have known my foxhole was lurking in the shadows.
this is what they sent to me,

kinda nsfw
only for the curious straights

okay proceed…
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Milan Christopher Serves Cake At His Activist Rallies

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-1-35-43-pmmilan christopher is an activist.
well i didn’t say it.
he did.

i don’t know if it’s for gay lives,
victims of domestic abuse,
or activ-ating relevancy on the shade room,
but he has activist in his bio:


well milan posted a picture from his recent shoot with paper magazine.
of course,
he is showing off his best feature…
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Milan Christopher Has Another Video Out

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 2.13.59 PM

you read right.
milan christopher has another video out.
this time he is semi clothed.
so milan has a video called “when i go” feat. papi chuloh.
the story line for the video is “domestic violence”.
something that milan allegedly is quite familiar with.
peep the video…
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