Our President Is Still Black, But Officially Gone

that was obama saying goodbye to his home of 8 years.
such a beautiful shot from pete souza.

so i was a mess today at work.
the office was also high on emotions.
everyone kept busy,
but there was that underlying sadness in the air.
even though i didn’t agree with a lot of the things he did,
or had a lot of questions,
barack and michelle obama got my tears today.
i tried my hardest to contain them,
but this part of the programming is what really floored me…
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michelle obama looks fuckin’ AMAZING!
is she wearing her nighty?
she is leaving the white house and decided to go “ig model” on us.
youtube beauty guru?
no other first lady has looked this good.
none will ever.
her black is truly beautiful.
here are more shots from the time magazine article…
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Meet The “Should Have Been The Next President”, Michelle Obama!

how beautiful is michelle obama?
i’m going to miss her being first lady.
she was so much fun compared to the others.

let’s hit her speech at the dnc one mo’ gin…
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So Michelle Obama Is A Bawdy Builder?

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 11.13.04 AM

how disgusting is this illustration about michelle obama?
why are black vixens always portrayed as “angry” and “aggressive”?
she looks like would bench press that hoe in that pic.
i’d pay to see it.

judging from this twitter,
the owner specializes in republican comics.
this probably already explains a lot.
i had to wonder tho…

What other fuckery will come if Trump is elected president?

photo credited: twitter