The Follow Up That Is “Michael Jackson” NOT Played By

well that was quick.
even resting peacefully,the king of pop can still make moves.
so remember ( x that disgusting trailer ) for what i thought was a movie,
but is really a show,
called “urban myths”?
they had a white actor “trying” to play michael jackson.
well it’s been pulled from the episode line up.
here is what happened via npr
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The Disrespect That Is “Michael Jackson” Played By

they really like to play michael jackson,
don’t they?
the man is resting in perfect peace and here they go…
so there is a movie coming out called “urban myths”.
a snow wolf,
by the name of joseph fiennes,
is going to play michael.
it already starting out bad.
take a look at the trailer
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It’s Settled: Chris Brown IS The Next Michael Jackson

tumblr_ohhhvphumd1u2r94mo1_1280usher doesn’t get his props.
i was just saying this to someone.
as you know,
michael jackson is the platinum standard in music.
so many have been pre-crowned as “the new mj”.
suddenly they fall the fuck off because his ghost is petty.
all of them don’t reach his level of artistry and stardom.
he was truly one of a kind.
chris brown thinks he is carrying on michael jackson’s legacy.
in his new documentary,
chris says he is the closest thing to michael jackson’s legacy.
he uploaded this clip on his instagram
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Chris Brown Is Better Than Michael Jackson

MJ-drinking-water-michael-jackson-31943989-500-281…said no one ever.
well unless you are a #teambreezy member.
thats what nba baller wolf,
brandon jennings,
may just be.
see he had something doofus-like important to share with us last night.
thoughts i’m sure involved some kind of heavy drug use.
anyway this is what he said on twitter
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He Is The Greatest (The Greatest That is Chris Brown?)

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 6.14.47 PMwhen you are growing up,
your parents taught you to be good at what you do.
with enough training and sacrifice,
you should end up being the greatest.
well they obvious taught chris brown because he tweeted at 3 in the morning…
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