So I Guess Kanye Is Performing At The Inauguration?

well it has happened.
kanye west has officially gone bat shit crazy.
this was the talk at work today.

“omg everyone check out the news…”

i’m thinking something serious happened.

“kanye just met with donald trump at trump towers”

all i could do was shake my head.
i was reaching for my bag in case i had to run out of ther.
well this is the video i saw via c-span
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When You Are The Cocky Hyena In A Really Big Fuckin’ Forest

7908396_donald-trump-dogwhistles-scalia-death-conspiracy_225a4d05_mthey always say those who are the cockiest are the softest ones.
all that cockiness is usually a mask for something else.
well for newly elected “that title”,
donald trump,
i kinda expect him to be cocky at all times.
i expect him to be a presence when he walks in a room.
when he met with obama to talk transitioning into the white house today tho…
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I Met “Him” Finally and When He Stops Banging Me, I’ll Update. K?

tumblr_m1zlno9LZm1r6vyblo1_500at last.
at last,
at fuckin’ last.
you finally met “him”.
not just anyhim”,
but the one you were lookin’ for.
i’m also hearing “him” is a baller too.
well good job!
life can suddenly make sense when you meet “him”.
it can make every day feel like a disney movie.
the suns shines extra bright.
whistlin’ dixie in the streets.
random animals singing inspirational love songs
for some of us,
we get so involved in “him”,
that we slowly start to become “him”.
everything starts to take a back seat including people you knew.
i never understood why some people let “him” take over their lives.
especially if “him” makes you change who you are.
or is this always who you were?
people talk all this tough shit about not gettin’ whupped,
but as soon as some new dick cums in their life,
they like casper the friendly ghost on ya ass?
where are ya?
i don’t see ya no mo.
i had to wonder…

Why do we get so bussy whipped?

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I’ll Give You A BJ So I Can Meet Lady Gaga!!!!

lady-gaga-v-2oh god not me.
her little monsters however are going to great lengths to meet her.
lady gaga told her fans that the person who can show proof that they bought the most singles
for “applause” will be able to fly out to meet her and attend a show.
who knew her fans would get this competitive?…

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