Marvin Bienaime Prepares A Dish Called “Wentworth Dibiase”

issa snack worthy?
so marvin bienaime has some trouble ahead.
he needs to find a wolf to replace donny savage as the face of his brand.
i heard through the foxhole that they unfollowed each other.
that is serious.
he is starting off his search well with justus pickett.
wentworth dibiase,
a haitian model wolf,
is also on the “to do” list.
do you think he would be a good…
within the marvin bienaime agency?…
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Where There Is Smoke, There is Marvin Bienaime vs Donny Savage?

so there is smoke happening over at the bienaime agency’s forest.
according to a vix-bi,
something happened between donny savage and marvin bienaime.
as you know,
marvin put donny on and he blew the fuck up.
donny has been on damn near everything,
from to “the wendy williams show”.
he is a chocolate wolf who everyone wants to taste.
well allegedly,
donny has parted ways with marvin.
this is what marvin put up on his ig that started the talk…
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Justus Pickett: The New “Marvin Bienaime” Model Wolf To Watch?

so marvin bienaime has a new boy toy.
not in that way,
but he has a new wolf to add to his modelling roster.
his name is justus pickett.
he is  a is 23 years old,
a pre baller wolf for the tennessee volunteers,
an aspiring model,
and originally from north carolina.
these are the shots he did with marvin…
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Pass The Lavarcier

steven just hangs with all the fine wolves…
i’ll be on his level one day.
so one of the foxholers on twitter sent me this pic and asked:

“one gotta go”

welp steven,
you can have a seat.
i’ve actually been checkin’ the wolf on the left for a while now.
he just had a shoot with marvin bienaime.
his name is sean lavarcier and well…
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