Tommy Mottola Wants Us To Hear His Opinion

so tommy mottola makes his appearance.
for those who never left their den,
he is mariah’s trifling ex hyena.
well he decided to write an open letter about mariah through page six.
this is what he had to font
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Mariah Carey Has A Vision of Excuses That Were Given To Her?

i miss ^this “mariah carey”.
this diva vixen we have now can’t get it together.
so it’s onto the excuses now.
everyone is looking for someone to blame for “dick clark”-gate.
i’ve heard everything from budget issues to sabotage.
well mariah’s camp thinks the dick clark’s camp is trying to blame her.
this is what tmz has to say…
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Jennifer Lopez Starting Off The New Year Being Petty and a Dragging

i see team “but you know me” is starting ’17 being petty.
so we all had an opinion about mariah’s nose dive performance last night.
well another diva,
jennifer lopez,
took her passive aggression to instagram.
since instagram introduced “likes”,
it has really exposed the inner petty in many.
this is what jennifer lopez allegedly liked that someone caught…
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Mariah Carey Presents “The Final Tragedy of 2016”

it looked like it was going to be an entertaining show.
mariah carey had other plans tho.
so last night on “dick clark’s rockin’ new years eve”,
mariah was the featured performer.
our favorite diva was going to show the rest how it’s supposed to be done.
well she sure showed them something alright.
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