When A Male Gets Cheated On (The World Must Stop)

cheated on.
it is so interesting how males handle getting cheated on.
i wonder how i would handle it?
i was there for most of my home vixens being hurt by infidelity.
the wolves i know are all cheaters.
that old adage of:

“i was just fuckin them vixens.
i was gonna get right back.”

well one of my home wolves seems to have gotten his relationship karma
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Tom Ford Thinks All Straight Wolves Need A Pipe Up In Em


/the following entry contains graphic images and material.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

tom ford,
who i think he sexy af,
had an interesting quote recently for all males.
moreso the straight ones.
i think?
either way,
he thinks all wolves should get banged at least once.
maybe even by a vixen?
i know the hybrids lost their minds over that.
well this is what he had to say via the huffington post
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The Rapper Wolf Does The “Doggystyle” Mannequin Challenge

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-3-06-48-pmi have never heard of blac youngsta.
maybe you have?
well he is signed to yo gotti’s label,
judging from his ig,
he has a lot of money.
i’m sure he is a trust fund baby of sorts.
he also likes giving us examples on how he hits it from the back.
on a male mannequin in a store.
i’m serious via worldstarhiphop
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Andrew Caldwell Is The Wolf You Secretly Want To Smash

13316795_1015308285205739_424103224173172218_owho is andrew caldwell?
well he is a MAN bay-beeeeeeee.
that’s right.
he is the leader of all the males.
andrew caldwell is still out here looking for the “wimmenz”.
he is also a straight killa now too.
a ryda.
you know how he do.
he seems to have had some beef recently.
a f-bi sent me a video of him putting his foot down…
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