Atlanta Will Be Going To Bed Early Tonight

…the upset!

What had happened?

ya’ll got a ton of strippers mad over that loss tonight.
hell the gays was about show out too.

lowkey: they are some cuties on the atlanta falcons tho.
lets get to work.

“Loss” and “Lack” Makes You Care Too Much

one of my biggest downfalls,
as i’ve shared a couple times,
is i’ve cared too much.
it came from a place of “lack”.
i would look at others,
and then at my own life,
and see i didn’t “fit in”.
it caused me to ask myself and others countless times:

“Am I doing something wrong?”

everyone looked at me like i was living a good life.
i was too busy investing energy in randoms and strangers to see it…
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They Played The Giants On The New York Post Today

i saw this whole scene on snaphat when it was going on.
tremaine had them ny giant baller wolves all on ^that boat,
with a gaggle of hoes,
and some random snow wolves cooking food and getting groceries on jet skis.
str8 flexin.
i’m sure it was orgy central too.
well who knew it would be the cover of the new york post today?
after such a bad loss and playoff dreams crushed?

Awww Poor Kevin!

Awww that is so sad.
I feel a WORLD of cockiness coming from Bron now.
Anyone else feel so?
But on the positive,
Oklahoma showed the FUCK out at that airport to support…

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