Nicki Minaj Tries Her Hand At A Battle Rap Response

so what day is it?
it’s been what?
almost two weeks since remy ma bodied nicki minaj.
well nicki has decided to try her hand tonight.
the song is called “no frauds”.
it also features drake and wayne.
so these are the lyrics since the track is getting pulled everywhere…
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Black Lives Matter Ain’t Got SHIT To Do With Moi!

tumblr_nk6l0ouubs1r70t44o1_500is lil wayne still a “thing”?
he hasn’t released a good album since “the carter 3”.
we have a whole slew of rapper wolves who have taken his crown.
ya know,
i’m always amazed with ignorance.
it comes in many forms,
but this night line interview with lil wayne was 110% pure ignorance.
this is what he said when asked about “black lives matter” via baller alert
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The Caged Bird That Is Chris Brown Sings

tumblr_inline_ml2b0u7WCY1qz4rgpwho wants some chris brown news?
we haven’t talked about him in a while.
well chris has officially sat down since he’s been in rehab,
but his probation just got revoked.
that means his money is about to be fucked with and he is NOT happy about it.
e online has the update…
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Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.01.33 PMsee this is the dangerous shit i talk about.
you ever went to a straight event and it was meat everywhere?!
made you want to pull your head off and bash it on a wall.
well a wolf-bi went to a pool party at rehab in vegas for memorial day weekend.
hosted by diddy with guests lil wayne and meek mill.
he wanted to show me a video he found of all the meat…

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